Episodes is a series of live and web-based audiovisual  work about Internet subcultures. I am interested in how marginalized groups and individuals have appropriated the Web as a medium to express ideas, art, beliefs. While doing research for the project, I recorded my computer screen and these recordings became the main visual material I’ve worked with. The series discuss topics such as obsessions and repetitions, online gambling, mental illness, gang stalking, and various other web phenomenon. I also worked with Youtubers and Bloggers to create ambiguous  video portraits. 

The combination of specific episodes and the order in which they are presented will allow for, for example, more experimental focused works,  or an instrumental-electronic oriented performance, more immersive type prensention (mapping/sound spatialization), or event a more cinematographic experience with experimental documentary elements.

The music can be performed live, with a set of custom instruments that I use to  generate and process some the audio and visual content. This create a more organic and perceptible relationship between sound and visuals. In order to create a renewed experience for each performance, I leave a lot of place for improvisation.

  • The performance is scalable for multichannel audio systems
  • The performance can be presented with video-mapping elements in adequate venues.